Persons with severe disabilities between the ages of 21 and 64 receive care in their own homes 24 hours a day through ICWP, a Medicaid waivered program. They receive up to 12 hours of professional care and 12 hours of family, neighbor, friend support through their circle of support. A case manager arranges all services, secures accessible living for the consumer. Services available include personal care, home modification, nursing, equipment and supplies.
While ICWP funds do not cover room and board expenses, case management, personal support services, specialized medical equipment and supplies, and occupational therapy and respite care are covered.
Applicants are screened through the Georgia Medical Care Foundation in Atlanta to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements. Once eligibility is determined, the applicant, the case manager and the applicant’s family and/or friends (the planning team) work together to establish a plan of care. If Medicaid approves the plan and funds are available, the applicant is then enrolled in the program.
Even though there is a waiting list, Corners of Care can be the first step on the road to independent living.
Independent Care Waiver
Program (ICWP)
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